The Runway Rock Stars PROGRAM was established in 2018 as an opportunity for anyone with special needs to participate in an event which has been proven to be fun, build confidence, and instill self esteem. After individuals participate in the "Night to Shine" program produced by the Tim Tebow Foundation, the most frequently heard comment is, "What's next? I had so much fun and would really like to do something else." The Runway Rock Star program is our answer to those questions. 


In 2018, we are providing this Runway Rock Star opportunity to individuals in 3 cities (Dallas, TX; NYC, and Newark, NJ). In 2019, we will be expanding to 20 events in approximately 15 cities across America.


The 7 primary GOALS of the Runway Rock Star Program are:


1) Allow any person with Special Needs to participate in and benefit from our professionally run, fun and encouraging Fashion Show event conducted in front of a large audience.  

2) Increase the Special Needs Volunteer Base by allowing as many high school and college age students as possible to experience the personal spiritual and emotional benefits acquired when one gives their time and energy to such a worthy cause and training them so they will become increasingly more effective in their efforts.

3) Increase the sense of unity amoungst the local special needs charities, ministries, and organizations.

4) Establish a committed local donor base for the Special Needs Community that will be willing to sponsor other needs for the local organizations.

5) Establish a committed national donor base that will financially support the local efforts of the current Special Needs charities, ministries, and organizations.

6) Provide funds to help support the local Special Needs Community

7) Raise awareness of the special issues, unique capabilities of those individuals in the Special Needs Community.


The Runway Rock Star STAFF have produced over 12,000 fashion shows events in 39 states over the last 20 years. Their knowledge of the fashion industry and event execution are surpassed by few in the United States. However, they were selected for these "special" fashion events because of the love, care, and concern that they show for their models. Every "Rock Star" and their families will be treated with the utmost of respect. The staff's primary mission is that every "Rock Star" has the best memory possible to last for a life time... or until the next time Runway Rock Stars comes to their town.


The Runway Rock Star EVENT schedule is an exciting one. The "Rock Stars" will come to the event stage a few days before their event date to register, meet their Rock Star Crew (volunteers who are excited to meet their new friends (the Rock Stars), and learn what they will be doing in the event. They also receive their Rock Star T-Shirt which they will design and decorate for the main event. The Rock Stars return on show day, dressed in their Rock Star T-Shirt, check in, get their Red Carpet pictures taken with the "'Crew' and 'Fan Club'", then go to the Rock Star Photo Shoot, and then to their show line up. After the show every Rock Star receives his or her Rock Star "Medal of Excellence" and their "Certificate of Achievement."